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EIA’s International Energy Outlook 2018 (IEO2018) focuses on how different drivers of macroeconomic growth may affect international energy markets in three heavily populated and high economic growth regions of the world: China, India, and Africa. go to Table K1. Comparison of IEO2016 and IEA world energy consumption growth rates by region, 2012–20.

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International Energy Outlook 2016 12 U.S. Energy Information Administration International Energy Outlook 2016 World energy demand and economic outlook region. In 2040, the combined total residential energy use of China and India is double their 2012 total and accounts for 27% of total world residential energy consumption. World Energy Outlook 2016 - International Energy Agency Globally, renewable energy – the subject of an in-depth focus in WEO-2016 – sees by far the fastest growth. Natural gas fares best among the fossil fuels, with consumption rising by 50%. Growth in oil demand slows over the projection period, but tops 103 million barrels per day (mb/d) by 2040. World Energy Outlook 2016 – Analysis - IEA This analysis assesses current and future freshwater requirements for energy production. Two special reports in the WEO 2016 series have already been released: Mexico’s energy outlook (October) and a special report on energy and air quality (June). IEA webstore. World Energy Outlook 2016

Key world energy statistics. Also available on smartphones and tablets. 2016 ( Mtoe). Outlook for world TPES. (Source: IEA, World Energy Outlook 2015) 

Oct 13, 2016 according to the IEA's World Energy Outlook 2015, demand will 2015/ document/World%20Steel%20in%20Figures%202015.pdf p.7. World Energy Outlook 2016.pdf. Report; Share. Twitter · Facebook; Embed. Download. Embed.